Selected Teachings from Dharmavidya

David-Brazier1The following are a selection of writings from Dharmavidya David Brazier, the head of the Amida Order, which will give you a taste of his approach.

There are many more of his teachings at our virtual temple, you could read his books, and his personal website is at La Ville au Roi.

About Amida Shu Buddhism

The Three Fundamental Teachings of Amida-shu Pureland Buddhism

Amida Shu Definitions

Amida Shu Buddhism: Faith and Practice

Amida Shu Buddhism: Faith and World Peace

Amida Shu Buddhism: Taking Refuge

For Love

About Amida Shu Practice

Basic points about Amida Shu practice: Let’s chant together

Practice and Liturgy

Daily practice

Instructions in Nei Quan and Chih Quan

Summary of Faith and Practice

Download two booklets by Dharmavidya: