Audio & Video Talks

Here are a selection of audio & video talks from Dharmavidya and other Order members.  You can find more on the Amida Trust YouTube channel, and on other Amida websites.

Talks from retreats at Amida Mandala – including Bodhi retreat 2019

YouTube playlist

Bodhi retreat 2017

Talk by Dharmavidya: Audio or Video

Talk by Susthama: Audio or Video

Bodhi retreat 2015

Three talks by Dharmavidya  – uploaded to YouTube

One: The unimpeded light

Two: The Body

Three: Female Archetypes/Shrines at La Ville Au Roi

Rethinking Mindfulness Oct 2015

A talk in Spanish and English delivered in  Santa Cruz de Olieros (YouTube)

Bodhi retreat 2014

pre-recorded talk by Dharmavidya (YouTube)

Bodhi Retreat 2013 – giving and receiving the unimpeded light


Acharya Modgala’s talk

Acharya Sujatin’s talk

Acharya Susthama’s talk

Q&A with Rev Master Dharmavidya


Compassion in Zen & Pureland by Dharmavidya (YouTube)

Bodhi Retreat 2009

short talk about Bodhi Day (YouTube)

The Larger Pure Land Sutra Talks Summer 2006
by Dharmavidya

You can download the sutra on our useful texts page.

Talks from Amida Mandala

Saturday Night Dharma – 2015

A series of talks on various topics by different teachers from the Amida Order, given at Amida Mandala on the first Saturday of each month. Check the events page to see when the next one is.

Live Q&A with Rev Master Dharmavidya

Listen to Dharmavidya’s answers from questions put to him after one of our evening services, earlier in the year.

Listen/download (mp3)

For More talks from Amida Mandala visit their website.