Other Events

*All are Rome Time Zone*
Led by Dharmavidya
Upcoming Full Moon Upavasthas will be
May 25-26; June 24-25.

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DARK SIDE OF THE MIRROR: Forgetting the Self in Dogen’s Genjo Koan
Transmission Teachings by Dharmavidya and Tineke Osterloh
Enrollment Closed. Accepting applications for fall.
An initiation into the “dark side teachings” based on the new book by David Brazier (Dharmavidya).Three hours per week.

In depth study of Pureland, Zen, and other schools of this core Buddhist message.

To stay informed or sign up for any of the events, contact: jisshas@googlegroup

18:00 Todos los domingos – Ganendra. En español. Grupo de introducción al Dharma por whatsapp.
A las 18h. se envían dos audios,  una  breve charla de Dharma  y una práctica, para escuchar y practicar
todos juntos, en la medida de lo posible.
Para inscribirse, enviar un whatsapp a +34 620265962

17:30 Encuentro de la Sangha en Español with Reverend Ganendra

ID de reunión: 811 3899 0223 -:-  Código de acceso: 265882

20:00 Friendship Group 
Passcode: 256734

24-25 July 2021 (Full Moon of July)
Obon is an annual weekend event  to commemorate  all our ancestors, personal, collective and spiritual.   We shall celebrate it on the Full Moon of July.  If it is possible to travel by then, some people are hoping to come to Eleusis in France so that a small group may practise together at that time. Some members of our neighbouring Buddhist community, Oasis de Longue Vie, may also join in.

Tickets:  https://www.tickettailor.com/events/globalsangha

A key teaching in Amida Pureland Buddhi