Special Events

**All are Rome Time Zone**
Thursday-Friday 28-29 January 2021
Led by Koteswara & Dharmavidya
REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT HERE: https://www.tickettailor.com/events/globalsangha/472949/#
An on-line retreat with schedule below. (Approximate start times – Rome time zone)
Upavastha signifies the full moon time when the gods come to visit one’s home.  In Buddhism this is traditionally the time for confession, contrition and renewal. This retreat is offered as an experiment. No cost.  

  • 16.00 Assemble
  • 16.30 Puja: Nembutsu, Nei Quan Chih Quan, Vajrasattva  with short Dharma talk and Sange (Confession of faults)
  • 18.00 Chanting Quan Shi Yin into the night until midnight or later, wherever you are
  • Morning meditation
  • 10.00 Gathering for sharing. End before midday.
2-5 April 2021

A four day on-line event over Easter weekend focusing on The Summary of Faith & Practice.
More details to follow.
DARK SIDE OF THE MIRROR: Forgetting the Self in Dogen’s Genjo Koan
Transmission Teachings by Dharmavidya and Tineke Osterloh
Enrollment Closed. Accepting applications for fall.
An initiation into the “dark side teachings” based on the new book by David Brazier (Dharmavidya).Three hours per week.
In depth study of Pureland, Zen, and other schools of this core Buddhist message.

To stay informed or sign up for any of the events, contact: jisshas@googlegroups