Jnanamati, one of our Amitarya's, leading a children's Buddhist class in India.

Jnanamati, one of our Amitarya’s, leading a children’s Buddhist class in India.

Our Buddhist community, and the socially engaged work we do, flourishes thanks to the generosity of ordinary people like you.

Whilst some projects are self supporting, others rely on donations from Amida Shu members and supporters from all over the world.

Our Amitarya community is supported by Amida Shu, which frees them up from the constraints of ordinary life. They are able to travel to where they are needed the most, to spread the dharma, to support those living a good life, to inspire and provide assistance to socially engaged projects, and to live a life of consummate faith.

Different organisations manage funds for Amida Shu. In the UK this is done by Amida Trust, a registered charity.

Amida Trust provides support to the Amitarya team, and, with the Order, manages the Amida Mandala temple in Malvern, which is owned by the Trust, as well as supporting our other UK groups.

The Trust also funds the project in India. We pay for a full time minister, and fund the organisation in Delhi, which works with the poorest of families. Teaching English, teaching Buddhist classes, and helping out in whatever way we can.

If you are a UK taxpayer, you can GiftAid your donation, which means we’ll receive and extra 25p for every £1.00 you give.

You can donate from as little as £2.00/month.

If you are outside the UK, please scroll down and use the Paypal donate button.

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