Our Buddhist community, and the socially engaged work we do, flourishes thanks to the generosity of ordinary people like you. Whilst some projects are self supporting, others rely on donations from friends of the Amida Order from all over the world.

Amida Trust is a UK charity that supported the Order’s work in India but now that Suvidya has passed away the Order will continue to support Suando and her family as much as possible. Suvidya’s son has expressed an interest in carrying on his father’s work so we will work together with him. As soon as the pandemic is over and it is safe to travel to India, Susthama will go to visit Suando and Siddharth and the Amida India community. 

The donations that people make to the Order will help us to continue to offer services, retreats and practice sessions.

If you would like to make a donation then please click here to make a donation.

For questions, comments, or to be added to the Amida Breeze Newsletter contact  Prajnatara