Home Groups Introduction

Amida Shu Buddhism is a form of original Buddhism affirming the trikaya nature of Buddha, the bombu nature of the adherent and the primacy of taking refuge, especially by reciting the nembutsu.

Amida Shu is an international Buddhist sangha in the Pureland tradition of Buddhism founded by Dharmavidya David Brazier in 1998. A sangha is a group of Buddhists who practice and learn together. Pureland Buddhists are foolish beings who take refuge in Amida Buddha, the Buddha of Infinite Light and Life. We primarily take refuge by saying the name of Amida Buddha, and this practice is called the nembutsu.

Amida Shu Home Groups are for anyone who is interested in learning more about Amida Shu Buddhism and in creating connections with the worldwide Amida Shu community.

There is no requirement for members of Home Groups to be practising Buddhists, or to agree with the teachings offered here. We encourage you to listen to other sangha members and to the teachings with an open mind.