Amida-shu is supported by Amida Trust, a registered charity. Amida Trust has several patrons: notable public figures who have given their support and approval to the work being done by the Amida sangha.

Mary Midgley, philosopher of ethics, author
Prof. Alfred Bloom, leading writer on Pureland Buddhism
Prof. Kenneth Tanaka, president of the International Association for Shin Buddhist Studies
Rev. Koyo Kubose, founder of Bright Dawn and the Kubose Legacy (in honour of his pioneering father who was also a patron of Amida Trust)
Joan Court, social campaigner
Bennett Dorrence, Jnr., Founder of New Moon Foundation, philanthropist
Prof Paul Knitter, Catholic liberation theologist
Rev. Jim Pym, founder of the Pure Land Buddhist Fellowship
Ken Jones, leading author on socially engaged Buddhism
Thuy & Michael Fujimoto, philanthopists