Amida Israel

Our Pureland Dharma activity here in Israel started around the year 2003.

The core of this activity now takes place across 6 different groups, led by Vimalashri. Each of these groups meets once a month, for 3 and a half hours. The total number of participants in these groups this year will be around 50.

During group meetings there is practice, reading Buddhist Sutras , and an open discussion

Once a month Pundarika leads an open chanting & silent meditation group, which meets Saturdays afternoon. The number of attendants varies (around 10).

Twice a year there is a 2 or 3 day retreat, led by both of us. The last retreat, which took place in November 2015, was on the subject of “Enlightenment”. The previous one, which took place in June 2015 was on the subject of “Refuge”. 35-45 persons participated in each of the retreats. During the last retreat 11 participants took the Buddhist Refuges.

We are now in the process of discovering how to create an Amida community with those who took the Refuges.

For more information email Rev Vimalashri & Rev Punsarika