Explore Amida Shu Buddhism

Amitayus_MandalaIf you are interested in learning more about Amida Shu’s rich approach to Buddhism, here is a list of activities which will take you deeper. Everyone will take an unique path – follow your curiosity…

Do some reading online. You might want to begin with a brief introduction to Pureland Buddhism, followed by some of Dharmavidya’s teachings.

Visit our virtual temple, Friends of Amida Shu. Here you will find others interested in Amida Shu Buddhism, from complete beginners to Ordained members. Getting to know members of Amida Shu will help you to soak up the spirit of this sangha’s approach, and will support you on your spiritual path. Register now and say hello.

Start a simple home practice. Do ten minutes of chanting a day, or light a candle at your shrine and say the Summary of Faith and Practice. Read more about starting a daily practice here.

Take our Introduction to Pureland online course. This course starts with the basics of Pureland Buddhism and covers subjects such as taking refuge, making a shrine in your home, humility and gratitude, some history of Pureland Buddhism and much more. You will be allocated a personal tutor and will send your answers to each lesson via email. Read more and register here.

Attend some of our online services. You can attend these Skype groups regardless of where you are in the world.

Buy a book or two. We suggest you start with Dharmavidya’s The Feeling Buddha or Questions in the Sand, and the introduction to Amida Shu, Just As You Are: Buddhism for Foolish Beings by Kaspalita Thompson & Satya Robyn. There are more books here.

Visit an Amida Shu centre or group. You could do an individual retreat at the Amida Mandala temple in Malvern UK, or travel to any of our other Amida Shu groups.

Consider supporting Amida Shu. You can do this by making a financial offering and by offering your time and energy by volunteering on a one-off or regular basis.

Consider starting an Amida Shu Home Group. There is lots of support available including 1:1 mentoring for those who have no Amida Shu group in their area and who want to investigate starting one. You could meet monthly, weekly or on an ad-hoc basis, focus your meeting around practice or study, run a Listening Circle or a mandala drawing morning, etc.

Continue your studies. There is lots of material in the shrine room at our virtual temple. We offer an online course called Vow 22 which follows on from the Introduction to Pureland, and includes lots of Dharmavidya’s recorded Dharma talks. You can also study Buddhist Psychology which is an important strand of Amida Shu.

Continue to deepen your practice. Some people are inspired by their faith to become vegans and vegetarians, or to give up or cut down on intoxicants. Some people get involved in socially engaged work. Some people work towards changing their livelihoods. When we feel accepted Just As We Are and allow the light of the Buddha to soak into us, we may make changes naturally as time goes on.

Spread the Dharma. We may also feel inspired to share some of what we have received. Some people are called to become aspirants which is the path to becoming an Amida Shu Priest. Others may recommend books to their friends or invite them to join them when they attend their local group. Whether others have a karmic affinity with Amitabha Buddha or not, we can encourage them to take steps on their own spiritual path. We can also model a way of being which is grounded in faith, reflecting the light we have received back into the world.

Namo Amida Bu.