Introduction Course: Pure Land Buddhism

Amida’s 19th Vow from The Larger Pure Land Sutra

“If, when I attain Buddhahood, sentient beings in the lands of the ten quarters, who set forth the Bodhi Mind, do various meritorious deeds and sincerely aspires for Enlightenment, and desire to be born in my land, should not, at their death, see me appear before them surrounded by a multitude of sages, may I not attain perfect Enlightenment.”

Our Introduction to Pure Land Buddhism Course begins with the basics of Pure Land Buddhism and goes on to cover subjects such as taking refuge, making a shrine in your home, humility and gratitude, some history of Pure Land Buddhism and much more. 

Once you sign up to the course you’ll be allocated a personal tutor who will offer support and respond to your answers for each lesson via email. There are sixteen lessons in total, which take you through the basics to more complex Pure Land ideas. The course encourages both factual learning, and personal reflection.

Please email Sanghamitra, the Course Coordinator, to sign up or ask any questions.

The suggested donation for the Introduction Course is £30 GBP*, but please contact Sanghamitra if this is a potential obstacle for you.

Please email for details of how to make your donation.

If you have completed the Introduction course and are looking for further study, we are currenty updating our in-depth study course materials, called Vow 22, and further information is available online here.