Amida Order Events

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Online meetings and services from 25 July till 4 September  will be suspended to take a Holiday-break. O
n the 5th of September we resume.

Monday : First Monday of the month

8.15 – 8.45 am (UK TIME) Sacred Sutra Chanting led by Susthama
This practice involves reciting the Larger Pureland Sutra at a faster pace than normal. This sutra is the most important text for the Pure Land tradition.

Meeting ID: 864 1550 7177    

12.30 – 2.00 pm (UK TIME) Friends of the Amida Order Sangha-Meeting with Susthama and Vajrapala
This is a faith and fellowship gathering to get to know each other, share from the heart and learn from one another. We start with a gathering, read a text, or chant some nembutsu’s, followed by a discussion.
Meeting ID: 849 6974 7337     -:-      Passcode: 620526

6.30 – 8.00 pm (EST) Amida Mosaic Sangha with Prajna and Daya.  Please contact Rev Daya for the link.


4 – 5 pm (UK time) Quan Shi Yin Service with Vajrapala
Come and experience a typical Pure Land service. Chanting, hymns, readings and a short silent sitting.

Meeting ID: 871 5560 5883     -:-     Passcode: 026236


2.30 – 3.00 pm (UK time) second Thursday of the month

Open to everyone. 
We will will gather to chant and pray for the wellbeing of individuals who are in need of spiritual healing. If you know of anyone who might benefit from this practice and can not come to the service, then please send the name of the individual to susth… and we will transfer merit to them.
Meeting ID: 831 5766 4454     Passcode: 016081


9 – 9.40 am (UK time) Amitabha Service For the Far East –
with Vajrapala and Koteswara

Meeting ID: 814 5625 3014   -:-     Passcode: 343798


6.30 – 7.10 pm (UK time) Amitabha Service For the West
with Vajrapala
Meeting ID: 894 8069 9209   -:-   Passcode: 137836


10 am – 12 pm UK time Second Saturday of each month

Practice and study with Sanghamitra and Amida Birmingham
Please email Rev Sanghamitra at for the meeting link

5.30 pm (Paris time) Encuentro de la Sangha en Español with Reverend Ganendra

Siguientes encuentros:  10 de abril, 24 de abril, 8 y 22 de mayo.
ID de reunión: 811 3899 0223 -:-  Código de acceso: 265882



6 pm (Paris time) Todos los domingos – GanendraEn español. Grupo de introducción al Dharma por whatsapp.
A las 18h. se envían dos audios,  una  breve charla de Dharma  y una práctica, para escuchar y practicar
todos juntos, en la medida de lo posible. 
Para inscribirse, enviar un whatsapp a +34 620265962

AMIDA SHU BODHI RETREAT 2021 December 8 - 12 - THE POWER OF VOWS (times to be announced)

With the practice of the meritorious chanting o
sutraanthHolNamemawe dedicate ourselves to repay what we owe to our parents,  teachers, friends and predecessors,
who have done all they could for our sake.
May we earnestly pray that those who are living shall continue to rejoice in happy and prosperous lives for all time,
while thoswharnlongelivinshalbe released from suffering and be reborn into the Land of Utmost Bliss.