Ancestors’ Altar

Buddhas and ancestors of old were as we;
we, in the future shall be buddhas and ancestors.
Revering buddhas and ancestors, we are one buddha and one ancestor;
awakening bodhi-mind, we are one bodhi-mind.
                                   –excerpt from Eihei Koso Hotsuganmon by Zen Master Dogen

This is a space to commemorate our loved ones who have departed from this world. We are very blessed and grateful for the bodhisattvas in the Order of Amida Buddha who dedicated their lives to help enrich the lives of others.

If you scroll down you will see relatives, friends, and teachers who have been important to Order members who have died.  

Karmadeva Andrew Nicholls
Ordained 2020; Died 29 April 2024

Karmadeva died suddenly in April 2024, after participating in the Order’s Bodhi Retreat only a few weeks prior. He ordained in 2020, and became an active and valued member of the Order, while at the same time serving as a trustee for the Birmingham Buddhist Centre and participating in the Birmingham Faiths Council. Interfaith partnership work and building bridges was an important part of his practice. Karmadeva’s professional life involved pastoral care, as well as mental health and substance abuse counseling.
Click HERE for a series of reflections on Karmadeva’s life written by his mentor and friend,
Paripurna (Richard Ollier.)

Sundari Gina Clayton
20 January 1955 – 31 May 2021
Sundari engaged with life on many levels. She had a brilliant mind but was led and guided by her heart. She specialised in the area of Asylum Law and work tirelessly to create a Pure Land in our midst. Read more…
Here are two blog tributes to Sundari. They are both wonderful heart felt expressions of who she is.
FROM KUSUMA:  ‘Just over a week ago I heard the sad news that my Dharma Sister Sundari Gina Clayton had passed away. How do I even begin to tell you about this incredible woman, she was a shining example of compassion to us all. Let me tell you my memories of her in the hope you will receive some of the light of her life in your own.’ Read more…
FROM THE REFUGEE ACTION FAMILY: ‘The Refugee Action family was very saddened to hear the news this month of Gina Clayton’s passing. Such news has come at a time when people like Gina are needed the most in our sector and in our world, in both the context of her work in immigration but also as a wonderful human.’ Read more.


Rev Amita Suvidya Gautam
1960 – 28 April 2021

Suvidya was a kind and caring father, husband and disciple of Amida Buddha. His sincerity and faith in the nembutsu inspired many people in his community in Delhi. Read more…

Rev Amita Amrita Linda Dhammika
1957 – 2007

The Rev. Linda Amrita Dhammika, who died at aged 50 from an asthma attack, spent her life working for the destitute, the sick, and for animals, principally in Africa
Read more…