The Nien Fo Service Book and Core Texts

Nien Fo Service Book 2018:  The service book for the Amida Buddhist Order, containing liturgy and sacred texts. Version December 2015.

Audio recording of Nien-Fo Book: Listen to recordings of the liturgy and chants.

The Sutra on the Contemplation of the Buddha Amitayus

Two Pure Land Sutras: The Larger Pure Land Sutra and the Smaller Pure Land Sutra.

The Senchaku Hongan Nembutsu Shū (A Collection of Passages on the Nembutsu Chosen in the Original Vow): This is the principle work by Hōnen (Genkū), founder of the Pure Land School (Jōdo Shū) in Japan. 

Meal time and incense offering verses

Texts translated into other languages