Core texts, sutras and verses including the Nien Fo book

One-page document written by the founder of Pure Land Buddhism in Japan, Honen Shonen in 1212.

Nien Fo Book 2018
The service book for Amida Shu, containing liturgy and sacred texts. Version December 2015.

Audio recording of Nien-Fo Book
Listen to recordings of the liturgy and chants.

The Sutra on the Contemplation of the Buddha Amitayus

Two Pure Land Sutras. 
The Larger Pure Land Sutra and the Smaller Pure Land Sutra

Meal time and incense offering verses

Texts translated into other languages


Talk by Dharmavidya: Audio
Talk by Susthama Kim: Audio

Rethinking Mindfulness Oct 2015|
A talk in Spanish and English delivered in  Santa Cruz de Olieros (YouTube)