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Guest Speaker at Heartland Zen, St. Louis, Missouri USA
Time: 18:00 (Rome) Silent Meditation  18:30 Talk

Saturday, 5th June 2021
David’s most recent book is called The Dark Side of the Mirror: Forgetting the Self in
Dōgen’s Genjō Kōan. 
Dharmavidya David Brazier is a Buddhist teacher, authority on Buddhist psychology and author of more than a dozen books including “Buddhism is a Religion”, and “Not Everything is Impermanent.” Born in England, he now lives in a hermitage in central France.
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Saturday 15 May 2021  7.30 – 9 PM (Rome)
Susthama Kim Depression is often viewed as a deep dark hole with no end in sight. It can feel like going down into the depths of despair with nothing good to be gained from such a bleak experience. In this workshop we will be looking at depression as a stage in a process of growth that is often triggered by a loss or death of some kind. Growth and maturity, compassion and fellow feeling, and other wholesome states of mind can come from a buddhist understanding of depression.
Susthama Kim is the newly elected Head of the Order of Amida Buddha. She is a practicing Buddhist therapist and supervisor and tutors on the Buddhist Psychology distance learning programme.  She worked in the field of mental health as a chaplain for many years.
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Saturday 12 June 2021 7.30pm (Rome)
Dharmavidya David Brazier

The idea of the mind evolved over the history of Buddhist psychology.  This is essentially because humans have gradually come to internalise more. Functions that we now think of as inside our minds were once thought of as existing outside of ourselves.  This trend toward internalisation began a long time ago and the Buddhist model of the mind developed significantly during the centuries after the time of the Buddha.  These developments have implications for psychology and also for spiritual practice. Recovering a sense of the original understanding of mind throws light on aspects of Buddhist teaching that are not otherwise apparent to the modern reader.

Dharmavidya David Brazier, Buddhist teacher, psychotherapist, founder of the Amida Order and Amida Shu Pureland sangha is the author of more than a dozen books and many other writings, an authority on Buddhist psychology and President of the International Zen Therapy Institute