Amida Mosiac

Amida Mosaic, located in London, Ontario, Canada, provides education, guidance, and inspiration in the areas of Pureland Buddhism, other-centered living, and Buddhist psychology. We do this by offering retreats and programs, counselling and spiritual direction, and gatherings for sacred practice.

Rev Prajnatara, is a Buddhist minister in the Order of Amida Buddha and the founder of Amida Mosaic. She is also a Buddhist counsellor, registered psychotherapist and spiritual director.

Amida Mosaic is home to the Amida Mosaic Sangha, a group of friends, including Amida-shu and Lay Order (Mitra) members, inspired by Pureland Buddhism.

In keeping with the spirit of Buddhism and the symbolism of our name, Amida Mosaic is inclusive–a mosaic–integrating the wisdom teachings of many spiritual traditions and welcoming people of every persuasion.

Regular gatherings take place at the home of Prajna and James where we come together for evening practice, meditation, chanting, teaching of the dharma and sharing of the heart. Day long (and occasionally longer) retreats also provide opportunities for deepening our faith and our relationship to one another.

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