Joining Amida Shu

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Membership of Amida Shu is for those who practice this kind of Buddhism, and who are connected to our community.

Step One: Start practising.

Step Two: Take refuge.

Step Three: Ask for a mentor – please email

Step Four: Practise, preferably with others, for at least a year. Stay in communication with your mentor and with other members of the Order.

Step Five: An ordained Order member will put your name forward at Conclave, a meeting held in June or July each year to propose you as a member of Amida Shu. When Conclave has agreed a list of proposed new members, it is communicated to the existing members of Amida Shu who have an opportunity to comment.

Step Six: In November letters of invitation are sent out to prospective new members. They are also each allotted a mentor if they do not already have one.

Step Seven: When you reply positively to your letter, a time and place will be agreed for a ceremony of admittance. This may be at an Amida Centre or in your local sangha.

Step Eight: Admission Ceremony.

Step Nine: Membership must be confirmed in a further ceremony within eighteen months of first joining. After this one is known as a confirmed member.