Joining Amida Shu

joining school

Acharya Susthama leads people in joining Amida Shu

Membership of Amida Shu is for those who practice this kind of Buddhism, and who are connected to our community.

Step One: Start practising.

Step Two: Take refuge.

Step Three: Ask for a mentor.

Step Four: Practise, preferably with others, for at least a year. Stay in communication with your mentor and with other members of the Order.

Step Five: An ordained Order member will put your name forward at Conclave, a meeting held in June or July each year to propose you as a member of Amida Shu. When Conclave has agreed a list of proposed new members, it is communicated to the existing members of Amida Shu who have an opportunity to comment.

Step Six: In November letters of invitation are sent out to prospective new members. They are also each allotted a mentor if they do not already have one.

Step Seven: When you reply positively to your letter, a time and place will be agreed for a ceremony of admittance. This may be at an Amida Centre or in your local sangha.

Step Eight: Admission Ceremony.

Step Nine: Membership must be confirmed in a further ceremony within eighteen months of first joining. After this one is known as a confirmed member.

You can connect with other Shu members globally on our online discussion site, Friends of Amida Shu.