Meal time and incense offering verses

Meal time verses:

Infinite benefits bless the breakfast food.
All beings profit greatly therefrom
Since the results are limitless and wonderful
The pleasure is ours for eternity


This food is the gift of the whole universe
The earth, the sky, all sentient beings
In this food is much joy, much suffering, much hard work
We accept this food so that we may follow the path of practice
And help all beings everywhere


The first bite is to cut off delusion
The second bite is to grow in faith
The third bite is to help all beings
We pray that all may be enlightened.
We pray for peace in this world
And the cessation of all misfortune


The Buddha invites us to eat in mindfulness
Of the food, the earth, the world around us
We pray that our minds may not become dull
Nor our attention scattered
And that we may realize the deep significance of life


Incense offerings
(the first may be used for tea or flower offerings, with appropriate words inserted)

In gratitude we offer this incense
to all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas
throughout space and time
May it be as fragrant as earth herself
reflecting our careful efforts
our whole-hearted awareness
and the fruit of understanding
slowly ripening
May we and all beings be
companions of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas
May we awaken from forgetfulness
and realise the Pure Land


The fragrance of this incense
permeates our practice centre
and goes forth to worlds beyond
In the sincerity of our training

the Sanghakaya is revealed
hearts and minds bow in gratitude
Offerings multiply like the action
of the all good one
and the light that knows no obstacle
fills the Dharma realm.