The Ministry Team

The Ministry team are ordained priests within the Amida Order. They have dedicated their lives to the dharma. They act as a bridge between the love and wisdom of Amida Buddha and ordinary people. Whilst the amitarya team travel like the bhikkhus and bhikkhunis of old, planting dharma seeds and spreading inspiration, those in the ministry team are like settled gardeners, putting energy into the same plot, tending it and developing it over time, and allowing the roots to strengthen and deepen.

There are Amida Ministers in many parts of the world: Spain, Canada, the United States, India, Israel and the United Kingdom.

There are two roles in the Ministry team, Gankonin (person of the vow-light) and the more senior Minister. They may minister to a congregation, or work supported by their ordination in other ways, from chaplaincy to socially engaged work, to online teaching or writing.

Some work full-time as priests, others part-time, but all are engaged in right livelihood; work which embodies the Bodhisattva spirit. They are all able to perform the usual activities and ceremonies of priests such as funerals and weddings, as well as teaching the dharma, leading practice sessions and developing community.

Whatever they do, they let their ‘robes do the work’ as they are inspired and supported by Amida’s light.