Amida Belgium

The Belgium group at the 2014 Bodhi retreat.

The Belgium group at the 2014 Bodhi retreat.

The Belgium ‘Pureland Practice Group’ has been meeting for four years.

Amida-shu has had an association with a Buddhist group in Belgium that has been meeting for more than ten years, and this practice group emerged from that one as a space for people interested in deepening their commitment to Amida-shu Pureland Buddhism.

The group meets and practices together, to listen deeply to one another, and share discussion of Pureland texts.

At the moment the group is Jnanamati, Karin, Katrien, Varjrapala, Tom, and Diederik. We are sometimes joined by other Sangha members from further afield.

We meet four times a year and every other year have our own local Bodhi retreat in December.

We come together at Daniël and Varjapala’s house in Frasnes-lez-Buissenal (close to Ronse, Lessines, Ath).

Contact Rev Vajrapala for more information, or visit their Facebook page: La Colline Éclairée, l’inspiration du Bouddha au Pays des Collines.