Buddhist Psychology

Dharmavidya in Korea, with graduates of the Zen Therapy training programme

The Amida Sangha has a long standing connection with the presentation and development of Buddhist psychology and its applications, especially for psychotherapy and counselling, but also in groupwork and in the development of our own sangha.

Psychology, including Buddhist psychology, has its roots in spiritual investigation. In Buddhism the introspective practices that have always been an important part of our spiritual training and development have naturally led to a wealth of investigation and understanding of mental states, functions and processes. This accumulated knowledge is of immense value in helping individuals to become the most they can be, and facilitating communities to grow and thrive.

Members of the Amida Order have presented training courses in psychotherapy from a Buddhist perspective and this has led to the emergence of the International Zen Therapy Institute and the Amida Academy, the latter being primarily concerned with the presentation of distance learning facilities via the internet. Some understanding of Buddhist psychology forms a natural part of the training and preparation of members of the Order.

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