Amida Shu Home Groups

  Home Groups are a new initiative which will allow people who don’t have an Amida Shu group nearby to set up their own group to study Amida Shu Buddhism, practice together and slowly grow a local sangha. This always happens with the support of a mentor from Amida Shu. The resources below are available as a support (including a script for those who’d like extra structure when they first start). Find current Home Groups on our list of Groups & Centres.

In order for a group to qualify as an Amida Shu Home Group, the main purpose of the group must be studying and practising Amida Shu Buddhism which affirms the trikaya nature of Buddha, the bombu nature of the adherent and the primacy of taking refuge, especially by reciting the nembutsu. In addition the group leader must have at least monthly contact with their Amida Shu mentor and have studied the first three modules of the Introduction to Pure Land course.

If you’d like to know more and possibly get a mentor, contact Susthama at

How to Run a Home Group

Amida-shu Home Groups Meeting Guide: suggested format without script

Amida-shu Home Groups Meeting Guide: suggested format with script

Home Groups Introduction

Home Groups Welcome Example letters for group members at different stages